Le Blog Roll

Remember when everyone had a ‘blogroll’ and that was how your discovered other cool sites? It’s a shame that got lost somewhere along the way. I think it’s still an awesome way to discover cool sites and meet new people. Here are some of the people that enrich my world.

Travel Writing

I don’t follow many travel blogs. Time was people wrote about how they looked at life. I liked that time. It’s mostly gone now though. Now it’s all about how your life looks. That said, there are still some wonderful travel websites that don’t suck. Here’s my reading list:

  • Notes From the Road — If you only click one link in this list, make it this one.

  • Bumfuzzle — Discovered this by chance when researching Travcos and it’s become my favorite travel blog — sailing, racing, driving, you name it, they’ve done it. If you only click two links in the this list, make this the second.

  • Inhab.it — I can’t remember how I found inhab.it (I think we have a mutual friend maybe?) but I’m glad I did. Click this one too.

  • A Little Moxie — Great blog from a family that spends half the year traveling, half living in an off-the-grid cabin on the Lost Coast in California.

  • Teresa Carey — Sailor, traveler, writer. I love her idea that inquiry is a far greater adventure than just traveling; that’s also pretty much the cornerstone of this site.

  • Vagabond Journey — I first started following Wade Shepard’s site back when I was editing Rolf Potts’ Vagablogging.net. If my math is right, Wade has been traveling continuously for over 15 years now. There is not much about travel that he has not figured out.

  • Sailing Maiweh — okay this one is videos, not text, which means I only “read” it when we have access to reasonable bandwidth, but it’s always entertaining. I’ve also learned a lot about video storytelling from the Maiweh crew.

  • Dinghy Dreams — Another sailor, or aspiring sailor at the moment, in search of a boat. I follow a lot of sailors/boats. Love the writing on this site.

  • Idlewords — Maciej CegÅ‚owski runs Pinboard.in (which I love) and writes some of the longest, best travel pieces you’ll find on the web. He also gives great talks. We share a strong dislike of the pompous ass that is Paul Graham.

  • HoboTraveler — Andy Graham probably knows more about traveling the world than anyone else in this list — he’s been doing it for 18 years. I don’t always agree with him about every detail, but I sure do listen. Few people have even close to as much experience. If you’re thinking about chucking it all and traveling the world, start here.

Living Frugally

Please do not mistake frugal for cheap. There’s a reason he was the Frugal Gourmet, not the cheap gourmet. Cheap people have no soul, don’t be one.

  • Early Retirement Extreme — Jacob Fisker stopped blogging a while ago, but everything he wrote remains good advice for anyone looking to extract themselves from the consumer mindset.

  • Mr Money Mustache — Sort of ERE-light, this one is easier for people who are new to the idea that there are other ways to live beyond the consumer paradigm so prevalent in the U.S. It’s basically a site about how to consume less, produce more and retire if you want, travel if you want.

  • San Juan Sufficiency — This one could probably be in the travel section as well, but I enjoy it for the thoughts on living well and living cheap. I think to tag line sums it up: “Simplicity, Happiness, and DIY Living in the San Juan Islands”.

  • NWEdible — Not really about living frugally or travel, but Erica has some of the best recipes on the internets and is an expert homesteader. Homesteading is, curiously, after travel, my other love.

Photography and Art

  • Expeditionary Art — I love this site and am wildly jealous of the amazing artistic talent on display here.

  • Francisco Cribari — A wonderful photographer I discovered through his Darktable videos. I don’t necessarily shoot with the same style, but he makes me want to get out and take pictures.

  • Kaushal — Wonderful street, travel and documentary photographer based in Mumbai, India

  • Charlene Winfred — I found Charlene’s blog researching the Fuji X Pro 2 (which might be my next camera) and was blown away by the amazing mix of beautiful landscapes and street images, a combo that you don’t find much. Turns out she’s a nomad too.