Le Blog Roll

Remember when everyone had a ‘blogroll’ and that was how your discovered other cool sites? It’s a shame that got lost somewhere along the way. I think it’s still an awesome way to discover cool sites and meet new people.

Maybe it’s the nature of today’s internet. Time was people wrote about how they looked at life. I liked that time. Now it’s all about how your life looks, and I’ll be honest, I don’t give a shit what your life looks like. Luckily there are still some wonderful people out there recording their journeys and sharing how they see them in creative ways. Here’s my reading/watching list:

  • Bumfuzzle — Discovered this by chance when researching Travcos and it’s become my favorite travel blog — sailing, racing, driving, you name it, they’ve done it.

  • Vagabond Journey — I first started following Wade Shepard’s site back when I was editing Rolf Potts’ Vagablogging.net. If my math is right, Wade has been traveling continuously for over 15 years now. There is not much about travel that he has not figured out.

  • Inhab.it — I can’t remember how I found inhab.it (I think we have a mutual friend maybe?) but I’m glad I did. Click this one too.

  • PMags — I believe Paul Magnanti is a kind of thru-hiking folk hero, but I just like hearing about his weekend trips around the southwest.

  • Erik Normark — Erik Normark makes the best hiking/outdoor videos I’ve ever seen. Better than the “professionals” in my opinion. All my videos owe a heavy debt to him.

  • Sam Holmes Sailing — Most of YouTube irritates me, but Sam Holmes somehow manages to be endearing. Probably helps that he’s a great sailor.

  • Holly Martin (WindHippy Sailing — Like Sam Holmes, Holly Martin is one of those rare people who is able to tell their story in video without being annoying.

  • Sailorama — if you like repair and boats, this is a good channel to follow. It’s always entertaining.

  • Beau Miles — Beau Miles makes these gorgeous films about his adventures in getting to work, sleeping in trees, and eating beans. I know that sounds boring, but trust me.

  • Shifter, Dan Milner — I discovered Dan Milner from Charlene Winfred’s site (which is no longer here because she doesn’t use it anymore). There’s a lot here to love, even if you aren’t a photographer.

  • Alex Soth — If you want to learn more about photography, especially photography of America, Alex Soth is one of the best resources out there.

  • Early Retirement Extreme — Jacob Fisker stopped blogging a while ago, but everything he wrote remains good advice for anyone looking to extract themselves from the consumer mindset.

  • Expeditionary Art — I love this site and am wildly jealous of the amazing artistic talent on display here.

  • Low Tech Magazine — Kris de Decker’s solar powered website on forgotten and overlooked tech. I mean, look at the name, of course I read this.

  • Ben Falk — If we ever end up on a piece of property it will because I finally watched too many of Ben Falk’s videos and went out and bought my own land.

  • Slowdown Farmstead — Another farmer whose writing I enjoy.