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About Luxagraf

Luxagraf is the notebook I use to record things for posterity. Something that, in an earlier age, you'd accidentally leave in the backseat of a taxi. Here it exists as long as there's energy to keep the internet on.

About us: We're currently exploring North America in our new home, a 1969 Dodge Travco RV.

We left our former home in Athens, GA in the Spring of 2017. We were most recently in Rutherford Beach, LA. The map over there has a rough sketch of our route to date. You can read about our adventures in the journal section.

Most Recent

On the Beach

On the Beach

Rutherford Beach, Louisiana, U.S. 29.7593098363515 -93.12469953708586

Almost Warm

Almost Warm

Padre Island National Seashore, Texas, U.S. 27.42976506716922 -97.29544872393944

Eastbound & Down

Eastbound & Down

Kerrville, Texas, U.S. 30.003937578862942 -99.12746185387483

A Long Errand

A Long Errand

Catalina State Park, Arizona, U.S. 32.42613099108599 -110.9155344382878

Escaping California

Escaping California

Painted Rocks Petroglyph Area, Arizona, U.S. 33.02151850199567 -113.0501865757584

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