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About Luxagraf

Luxagraf is the notebook I use to record things for posterity. Something that, in an earlier age, you'd accidentally leave in the backseat of a taxi. Here it exists as long as there's energy to keep the internet on.

About us: We're currently exploring North America in our new home, a 1969 Dodge Travco RV.

We left our former home in Athens, GA in the Spring of 2017. We were most recently in Harrington State Park, WI. The map over there has a rough sketch of our route to date. You can read about our adventures in the journal section.

Most Recent

 photographed by luxagraf


Garden of the Gods, Illinois, U.S. 37.65254761020815 -88.3895979622514

 photographed by luxagraf

Thunder Road

Meriweather Lewis Campground, Natchez Trace, Tennessee, U.S. 35.52158791874007 -87.45507342625086

 photographed by luxagraf


St George Island State Park, Florida, U.S. 29.720982590137854 -84.74572045650459

 photographed by luxagraf

St George

St. George Island, Florida, U.S. 29.65953379915882 -84.87047536218762

 photographed by luxagraf

Cape San Blas

St Joseph State Park, Florida, U.S. 29.82439027728727 -85.41444880800364

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