When we set out on them, we didn't think of any of these as "trips", but in hindsight, it does make a handy way of organizing things.

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The Big Blue Bus

On April Fool’s day 2017 we loaded our three kids and ourselves into the big blue bus and hit the road. Aside from an interlude in Mexico, we’ve been at it ever since.

Mexico Interlude

Eighteen months into life in the bus, my wife’s parents retired to Mexico. We went down to visit for a couple of months and ended up staying nine months.

RTW Trip

In 2011 we flew to Paris, then to Italy, then to Bali, then to Los Angeles. It was exhausting and not much fun. But it got us thinking, what if we brought our home with us?

Western U.S.

In 2010 we bought a camper shell for our 1969 Ford F-250 and drove it around the west for a very long summer, visiting national parks and living on the road.


My wife and I made a series of trips down to Nicaragua in 2008, including our honeymoon. We came very close to moving down after our daughters were born.

South Asia and Europe

In 2006 I quit my job cooking at restaurant in Northampton MA and took off for Europe and South Asia. I spent nearly a year on the road alone.