Mancos Days

After my parents headed back home we said goodbye to Durango — for good this time — and headed back over the pass to Mancos.

Our plan was to spend the weekend there and then head on, but one day I drove down to the coffee shop and instead of the quiet little town I’d been expecting, streets were shut down and there were cars and people everywhere. It turned out to be something called Mancos Days. Naturally we couldn’t miss that, so we ended up staying a week longer than we intended and we got to see the Mancos Days parade.

Mancos days fire dept photographed by luxagraf

mancos days grand marshall photographed by luxagraf

Mancos days photographed by luxagraf

Hydrolics photographed by luxagraf
Part of the parade was a classic car show, this hydrolic setup was by far the best thing.

One day I trekked up past Mancos to Cortez to do some laundry and discovered a really good Thai restuarant. The next day we all went for Thai food and on the way back we noticed that the Montezuma County Fair started that weekend. This is how we end up spending weeks in the same place, things slowly unfold and there’s always more to see and do.

You can’t miss the fair. I love the fair, especially fairs that aren’t all rides and entertainment, which this one was definitely not. Most of it was devoted to the display and sale of livestock.

goat photographed by luxagraf
The kids never believe me when I tell them that goats will eat anything. This is the prize winning market goat trying to eat the bars of its cage.
 photographed by luxagraf
This sheep was extemely fond of Lilah.

The fair also had a corn shucking contest which I really think we should have entered. Next time.

waiting on the corn shucking contest photographed by luxagraf
Waiting on the corn shucking contest.

corn shucking contest photographed by luxagraf

antique trackers photographed by luxagraf

The girls were really excited about something that I admit did sound fun: the chicken chase. After about 10 seconds in a ring with a bunch of chickens though it was painfully obvious that our kids had no idea what to do with a chicken when the chicken chase turned to the chicken caught.

Chicken chase photographed by luxagraf

Just to make sure they girls weren’t the only ones with a moment of awkwardness at the fair, I got picked to join in the Ute tribe’s Bear Dance. I thought I held it together okay, but when I was done Corrinne was shaking her head. “You look nothing like a bear,” she said.

Ute tribe bear dance photographed by luxagraf