Back to the Life

I forgot. I forgot the Pleiades. I forgot how bright Venus could be on a clear, cold night. I forgot how nice it is to step out into the night to take a leak and stare up at the stars while you do.

I forgot how waking up in the morning and stepping outside first thing completely rearranges the way you see the rest of the day, completely changes how you approach that day. Not in any way you can put your finger on, not in a profound way perhaps, a quiet way, a quiet, oh, damn it’s cold out today, and that’s something I have to deal with as I make breakfast and get going kind of way.

I had forgotten all these things because when you are not living something you forget it. It no longer imprints on you and something else takes its place and you forget. Or maybe that’s just me, maybe I am just forgetful. Not particularly smart and somewhat infantile in my inability to remember things when I stop doing them for a while.

Whatever the case, I am excited to be doing them again. I am excited to see the Pleiades when I step outside at night. I am excited to head outside first thing in the morning and feel the cold. I am excited to be back. Let’s do this thing. Again.


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