Overview is built using the GeoDjango framework. I don’t serve up the pages directly with django though, instead the Django app spits out static html page — pretty much like Moveable Type did back in the day.

The static pages are then served up by Nginx. There’s a couple exceptions where Nginx hands things off to uwsgi.

Everything is served over https for your browsing privacy. Haha, just kidding, it’s served over HTTPS because Google rammed that shit sandwich down the internet’s throat as a way to raise the barrier for entry and keep the riffraff out. Fuck you Google.

I wrote most of the Django apps that I use, but I do use a few reusable apps written by others, namely:

I also rely on quite a few Python modules , some of which have their own dependencies (not listed):

I’m also deeply indebted to a vast array of geodata that I’ve downloaded over the years, including the world borders data set, a U.S state borders dataset (whose origin I’ve now forgotten), U.S. national park borders (thanks to Obama adding several new parks, mine are now out of date, but the latest versions are now available from I’m also currently building some new apps with BLM GIS shapefiles, but so far that’s not public yet.