About src

If you’re here because Google sent you to one of the articles I deleted and then you got redirected here, have a look at the Internet Archive, which preserved those pages.

For a while I had another blog at the URL longhandpixels.net. I made a few half-hearted attempts to make money with it, which I refuse to do here.

I felt uncomfortable with the marketing that required and a little bit dirty about the whole thing. I don’t want to spend my life writing things that will draw in people to buy my book. Honestly, I don’t care about selling the book (at this point, 2018, it’s enough out of date that I pulled it completely).

What I want to do is write what I want to write, whether the topic is life on the road with my family, traveling in a restored 1969 Dodge Travco RV (which is what most of this site is about), fiction or technology. I don’t really care if anyone else is interested or not. Long story short; I shut down longhandpixels. I ported over a small portion of articles that I liked and deleted the rest, redirecting them all to this page, hence the message at the top.

So, there you go. Now if I were you I’d close this browser window right now and go somewhere with fresh air and sunshine, but if you’re not up for that, I really do hope you enjoy src, which is what I call this code/tech-centric portion of luxagraf.


src and the rest of this site would not be possible without the following software, many thanks to the creators:

  • Git — pretty much everything I write is stored in Git for version control purposes. I host my own repos privately.

  • Nginx — This site is served by a custom build of Nginx. You can read more about how I set up Nginx in the tutorial I wrote, Install Nginx on Debian/Ubuntu

  • Python and Django — This site consists primarily of flat HTML files generated by a custom Django application I wrote.

  • Arch Linux — Way down at the bottom of stack there is Arch, which is my preferred operating system, server or otherwise. Currently I run Arch on a small VPS instance at Vultr.com (affiliate link, costs you nothing, but helps cover my hosting).