pine seedlings close up photographed by luxagraf
Hundred Acre Wood, South Carolina, United States

Three Quick Edits

Yes, you can process image quickly in darktable

Someone emailed me after the last post and asked if I really spent 10 minutes or more on every photo I post. The answer is of course not. If I shoot 100 images, 95 of them go in the trash, three of them I edit much like I do the images in this video, and the remaining two, while I might like them, probably have something fundamentally wrong with them that takes me ten minutes per image to fix.

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Also, please don’t mistake me liking an image enough to post here with me thinking it’s a good photo. I have studied photogeaphy enough to know what a good photo looks like. For the most part, I do not make good photos. Once every 5-8k images I produce one that’s actually a good photograph.

But good photos aren’t necessarily the point for me. I am almost always shooting to tell a story. My images are very rarely meant to stand on their own. I may not know the story when I am shooting, but I know there will be text and other photos involved, which is a very different way of thinking from someone who’s making art images. At least I think so, I’ve honestly never attempted to make art with a camera. Most of these photos are a) images I like because of the story they are part of, and b) show off something I do in darktable that other people might like to know how to do.

Anyway, I decided that I would make this video showing the faster editing process I use on the images that are part of the story, but don’t need major help. All of these were shot within 100 meters of my front door last weekend, and processed in real time with a screen recorder running. I did no editing on this one.